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Few countries can match the outstanding progress

of Oman over recent decades. A wide-ranging

modernisation programme has seen Oman

transformed from a reclusive and backward

country into one of the area's most progressive.


The driving force behind this transformation has been

the Sultan of Oman, Qaboos bin Said Al Said, who

this year celebrates 44 years as the country's ruler.


Oman's emergence on to the world stage is now

being further boosted by the rapid development of its

tourism product, which is successfully combining

the luxury that travellers increasingly demand with

a real taste of Arab hospitality, culture and lifestyle.

After all, Oman's nationals have 5,000 years of

experience to call on.


If ever a country needed greater awareness among

travel agents, Oman is that country. More and more

operators are including Oman in their programmes

and there is a growing demand among consumers to visit the country. The need for knowledge is vital.


Oman Academy has been launched to meet this need.

Part of the Travel Uni stable of online and interactive training programmes, Oman Academy covers everything agents need to know about this beautiful land across four comprehensive modules.


So, a very warm welcome to Oman Academy. The information you gain here will be enormously helpful in assisting you to sell more and more holidays to this fascinating country.